A Closing Challenge

Is the Bible Trustworthy?

I challenge you to read the Bible for yourself! Don’t take anyone else’s word for it – read it yourself! Begin reading the book of John a chapter a day. Thinking men and women will take this challenge and see for themselves! They don’t just follow the crowd. Will you?

A young lady once laid down a book she’d just finished, with the remark that it was the dullest story she had ever read.

In course of time she became engaged to a young man, and one night she said to him, ‘I have a book in my library whose author’s name, and even initials, are precisely the same as yours. Isn’t that a singular coincidence?’ ‘

I do not think so,’ he replied.

‘Why not?’ she asked.

‘For the simple reason that I wrote the book,’ he answered.

That night, the young lady sat up until two o’clock reading the book again. And this time it seemed the most interesting story she’d ever read. The once-dull book was now fairly fascinating, because she knew and loved the author. So, a child of God finds the Bible interesting because he knows and loves the Author! It is his Father’s message, addressed to him.


Do you personally know the Author of the Bible? Have you received His gracious offer of eternal life through the Lord Jesus Christ? If not, receive that gift today, and you’ll begin to understand the Word of God in a brand-new way!