Is the Bible Trustworthy?

  • A. S. Yahuda wrote: ‘…every archaeological discovery of Palestine and Mesopotamia – of the Bible period – bears out the historical accuracy of the Bible.’
  • Professor A. H. Sayce said: ‘Since the discovery of the Tel el-Amarna tablets until now great things have been brought out by archaeology, and every one of them has been in harmony with the Bible, while nearly every one of them has been dead against the assertions of the destructive critics.’
  • For example, archaeologists have discovered a pair of tiny silver scrolls that date back to about 600 B.C. While digging at the site of the 5th-century church in Jerusalem, researchers found a Roman legionnaires’ cemetery. Exploring still deeper, they found a small burial cave containing the scrolls. Very carefully, less than a hundredth of an inch at a time, the scrolls were unrolled. On each of them appeared an excerpt from the book of Numbers that included the word Jehovah. And these scrolls date back to the days before the exile to Babylon, earlier than liberal scholars supposed that the Pentateuch had even been written. People sometimes ask, ‘How do you know the Bible wasn’t written by a modern-day person with a great imagination? Archaeology counters that argument! The Bible has been around for ages!