Is the Bible Trustworthy?

Over and Over, down through the years, men who hated God tried to destroy the Bible. Here are a few examples:

  1. Government – ‘Roman Emperors realised that the Christians grounded their beliefs on the Scriptures. Therefore, Diocletion, by a royal edict in 303 A.D. demanded that every copy of the Bible be burned. He killed so many Christians and burned so many Bibles, that when those left were in hiding, he thought he’d destroyed Christianity. He had a Medal inscribed with: “The Christian religion is destroyed and the worship of the gods restored.”
  2. Roman Catholic Church – “Bible was translated into the tongue of the common people. Roman Catholics made persistent efforts to suppress the Bible. They said that the people were incapable of interpreting and understanding the Bible. In 1543, an act was passed forbidding the reading of the Bible in an assembly without permission from the Roman Catholic church. As quickly as Bibles could be printed Roman Catholics would buy them and burn them. An estimated 18,000 Bibles were printed from the years 1525-1528, yet only 2 fragments remain today.
  3. Infidels – ‘Voltaire, French infidel, died in 1778. He predicted that within 100 years of his death Christianity would become extinct. 25 years after his death the British and Foreign Bible Society was founded and the very presses used publish Voltaire’s literature ehave been used to publish Bibles.
  4. Modernists – ‘Today, since Satan is unable to physically destroy the Bible, and since the Bible remains in circulation, Satan is causing it to be viewed as a Book without Supernatural Authority.’      

– Dr. Mike Aylestock