Who Wrote the Bible?

Is the Bible Trustworthy?


Who wrote the Bible – God or man? Didn’t the Bible lose its reliability when it was translated several times over? Aren’t there lots of interpretations of the Bible? Ever hear these questions before? Ever wonder what the truth is? The Bible makes the answers crystal clear.

Isn’t it strange that the only book whose author some people deny is the Bible? We accept by faith the authorship of every single book in our libraries except the Bible. For example, why don’t we cast doubt on the authorship of Pilgrim’s Progress or Guinness Book of World Records or 1001 other textbooks, novels, videos, documentaries, audio cassettes or CDs, magazines, and newspaper articles?

There’s only one reason: Because the world doesn’t want to admit that the God of the Bible exists! If the God that the Bible speaks about is real, then each person will have to submit to His claims on their life, or face the consequences.

Many people are confused; they have been convinced by someone who appeared intellectual that the Bible is just the work of men. But good men would not have written it to fool us, for truly good men don’t deceive. Bad men would also not have written it for the very Bible they would have written would condemn them to eternal punishment in hell. To say that men, without God’s direction, wrote the Bible is therefore illogical.

And yet, some people will genuinely ask these questions, and they really want to know the answer. If they are willing to be reasonable, you can give them the clear evidence they desire. But in spite of all the evidence, it really comes down to faith. It does take faith, but it’s not a blind faith – it’s a believable faith! We don’t grope in the darkness for answers; our faith rests on a sure foundation: God’s Word, the Bible. And there are several evidences that our foundation is solid.

I’m not going to prove that the Bible is reliable, that God wrote it, that it is without error. It is reliable; God did write it; it is without error! These are absolute facts. It’s up to us to believe those facts!

The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a  furnace of earth, purified seven times.’      

Psalm 12:6-7

Here are six logical evidences that strengthen our faith that God wrote the Bible and that the Bible is trustworthy. Then, at the end, we will see just why it is vital that we believe the Bible. Our eternal destiny is at stake!