Is the Bible Trustworthy?

‘The Bible contains almost every known form of literature – history, biography, stories, dramas, arguments, poetry, prose, prophecy, parables, pleas, philosophy, law, letters, satires, and songs. It was written in three languages by about forty different authors, who lived on three continents. It was in the process of composition some 1500 or 1600 years.’ – Dr. Mike Aylestock

‘Among these authors were kings, farmers, mechanics, scientific men, lawyers, generals, fishermen, ministers, and priests, a tax collector, a doctor, some rich, some poor, some city bred, some country-born – thus touching all the experiences of men.’ – Peloubet’s Bible Dictionary

‘Here is a volume made up of 66 different books, written in separate sections, by scores of different persons, during a period of 1500 years, a volume antedating in its earlier records all other books in the world, touching human life and knowledge at hundreds of different points. Yet it avoids any absolute, assignable error in dealing with these innumerable themes. Of what other ancient book can this be said? Of what book even 100 years old can this be said?’ – Manly