A Common Misconception and It’s Tragic Consequences

Why I Believe in God

Perhaps one of the most commonly held opinions of modern sophisticated Americans is that somehow science has disproved God or, as Julian Huxley said, they have reduced Him ‘to simply the disappearing smile of the Cheshire Cat.’ Has science really disproved God? In his book God, the Atom and the Universe, James Reid states: ‘Science is preparing a surprise for mankind! At least it will be a surprise for those who have doubts about the Bible and its God. It will also come as a surprise for those who are labouring under the misapprehension that science has undermined the Bible. In fact, it may even shock some scientists, who may be startled to find that their newly uncovered fact, or accepted theory, provides still another link in the chain of evidence that is showing the facts of the universe support the Bible’s statement including creation.’ He further states that for years, as a man of science, he had endeavoured under the old classic physics, the Newtonian physics, to discover support for these in the Bible and had been unable to do so.

As we moved into this century and the old classical physics gave way to the new quantum physics, the atomic theory, a whole new concept of the universe emerged. As Einstein’s theory of relativity revealed the inner relationship of mass and energy, he suddenly found that the new discoveries of science were establishing the teachings of the Scripture. The facts of the universe are supported increasingly by the findings of science, and the consequences of this are incalculable.

We live in a time in which there is a popular idea that there is no God to whom men are responsible. I believe this thought is basically responsible for the enormous incidence of crime, murder, rape, robbery, and every conceivable civil evil that we face in our society today. I have heard scores of men, supposedly knowledgeable on the subject, discuss a variety of remedies for the situation, and I am amazed at their incredible blindness. It seems none of them realises it is the rampant denial of the God of the Bible that has caused men to become increasingly animalistic. Teach men that they are animals and eventually they will act like animals.

L. Woodward, Oxford’s Professor of Modern History, states: ‘The value of our Western heritage, justice, mercy, kindness, tolerance, self-sacrifice are incompatible with materialism…’ materialism being the view of the universe that there exists nothing but matter – no soul, no spirit – no god. ‘If I may borrow a well-worn phrase about the State [which he borrows from Marx] these values will wither away in a materialistic culture.’ He further state that ‘it is meaningless to talk about human ‘rights’ in a materialistic society: one might as well make a moral appeal to the Atlantic Ocean.’