Does Science Disprove God?

Why I Believe in God

Have scientists disproved God? There is no branch of science which looks at a larger portion of God’s handiwork than do astronomers. The Scripture says: ‘The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth his handiwork.’ (Ps. 19:1); ‘For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen’ (Rom. 1:20). Ninety percent of all astronomers today believe in God! Those who have most thoroughly examined his handiwork believe in God. That is a higher percentage than will be found of butchers, bakers, or candlestick makers. Those who have looked most intently and to the farthest extent that man has been able to see in the universe have concluded that the hand that made it is Divine.

Pierre Simon de La Place, one of the greatest of our astronomers, said that the proof in favour of an intelligent God as the author of creation stood as infinity to unity against any other hypothesis of ultimate causation; that it was infinitely more probable that a set of writing implements thrown promiscuously against parchment would produce Homer’s Iliad, than that creation was originated by any other cause than God. The evidence for God as opposed to the evidence against Him as the Creator of this universe was an infinity to one. It could not even be measured.