The Transforming Power of Jesus Christ

Why I Believe in God

Not only are these compelling reasons for the existence of God, but I believe in God because I believe in Jesus Christ. The prophecies, the birth, the life, the miracles, the teachings, the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and His continuous performance of those things which He said He would do convince me that God lives and that God lived in Jesus Christ and even now can transform people.

In his best-selling book Through the Valley of the Kwai, Ernest Gordon told about American soldiers captured by the Japanese in the Malay Peninsula who were tortured and starved. They were turned into a group of animals, clawing and fighting and stealing food from each other. Finally things became so bad they decided to start reading the New Testament. As Ernest Gordon, a university graduate, read those words to them from the New Testament, these men were converted to the living God through Jesus Christ. This community of animals was transformed into a community of love, because God lives and He lives in Jesus Christ. Christ is willing to live in the hearts of those who will trust in Him. This joy, this peace, this transformed life, and this assurance of eternal life are what Christ offers to those who will place their trust in His atoning death.