6th Commandment: Do Not Kill

Salvation Bible Basics

The sixth commandment is in verse thirteen, ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ Now there is a powerful one. Most people would claim that they have never murdered anyone. But Jesus reinterprets this commandment and gives us a new perspective on it in Matthew 5:21‑22. He says if you are angry with your brother, you have committed murder.

Have you ever been angry with someone? Have you ever driven down the road and had someone pull out in front of you and cut you off when they should not have done it? Did you get angry with them? Jesus says it is murder in your heart. Have you ever had someone do you wrong and you got angry in your heart towards them? They could have done it to someone else and it wouldn’t have bothered you nearly as much. That just proves there is a selfish nature inside you, and God says you are a murderer.

You might be sitting there now thinking, “We’ve all done those things. It is no big deal.” Yes, we sure have. We are definitely all guilty. But the fact is, when we stand before God it will be a big deal. God is a holy God. We are getting a glimpse now of how God looks at your heart and mine and what God requires.

Religion today says let’s just forget all this. It is no big deal because we are all like this, so surely God will forget and forgive.  But let me remind you, God says you are not to have any idols. When you have that attitude, you are making a god after your own way instead of following the God of the Bible. You have just broken the second commandment.