Enemies of God

Salvation Bible Basics

Another term that God uses to describe those without a relation with God is in Romans 5:10. ‘For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life.’  He says there is a group of people who are enemies of God.

When God looks at those who have no relationship with Him, He sees them as lost, unrighteous, unforgiven, and as His enemy. In most churches today you will not hear this truth preached. But it is true. The God of the Bible says you are His enemy. You are fighting against Him.

Notice that God says we are enemies against Him, not the other way around. It is not God that sits up in Heaven and says, ‘I hate you and I want to find a way to annihilate you.’ If He wanted to do that, He would not even have to snap His fingers. He could speak the words and you would be gone, you would be history. But you are the one fighting against God. You are God’s enemy. Yet, you think God is going to let you into Heaven the way you are. God says, ‘This is a joke. You think you want to come to my Heaven? Do you think I’m going to let you in after the way you have treated Me?’

Suppose my family and I were going to stay at your house for a week. But before we get there I started telling others what I really thought about you. I told them you were a low down rat, lower than a flea’s belly, a lying, cheating scum, etc. When word gets back to you about what I have said, are you going to open your door wide and say, ‘Come on in, pastor. We just love to have you here with us. Everything we have is yours. Just help yourself.’

No, I hardly think so. You would be very upset and cancel the invitation promptly, and rightly so. Now, if you would not be happy about that, why do you think God up in Heaven is any different? Why do you think God is going to let you into Heaven when you hate Him? God is not going to say, ‘He hates me, but when he dies, I think I can reform him.’ You don’t find that in the Bible. God says you are His enemy.