Moving into a Right Relationship with God

Salvation Bible Basics

We said all that to come down to this. There are those who have no relationship with God. In fact, the Bible tells us, ‘There is none righteous; no, not one.’ Every person who is born into this world starts out on the wrong side. We are born in sin and have no relationship with God. We are lost, unrighteous, unforgiven, enemies of God, condemned, under the wrath of God, and will spend eternity in Hell. None of us have a right relationship with God when we start this life.

But God says it is possible for that to be changed and a person somehow to be moved into a right relationship with God.  God calls those people saved, righteous, forgiven, reconciled, justified, accepted, and gives them a home in Heaven.

Notice that these people did not make themselves right. They were made right through a power outside of themselves. As we will learn in the next lesson, that power is God. Through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross He is able to move some people from no relationship to a relationship with God.