No Relationship or Related

Salvation Bible Basics

We said at the end of the first study that when God looks at the world, He sees two different groups of people. There are those who have no relationship with God, and those who have a relationship with God. Two different groups of people: some who belong to God, and some who do not belong to God. We are going to look at these two different groups. The Bible uses many different terms to talk about these two groups of people. We are going to look at a few of those terms.


The first one is the word lost and it is found in Luke 19:10. “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” What was the purpose of Jesus coming into the world? In this verse it says His purpose was to seek, to find, and to save those who are lost. That term lost is a rather interesting term. There are very few connotations in which you can use the word “lost” in a good sense. If a man loses his health, or his wealth, it is not a good thing. If a man loses his family, or parents, or loses a child, it is not good. Generally when you talk about something being lost, you are talking about something that is tragic.

The Bible says the way God looks at people who have no relationship to Him, those who have broken the Ten Commandments, those who are guilty according to God, is that they are lost. It is the picture of a child going out into the bush, forgetting to mark his trail, and getting lost. He doesn’t know where he is and he doesn’t know how to get out. He is in the middle of a large, vast rainforest, thousands of hectares with no hope of finding his way out on his own.

The term is a description of a person who is in great need of help. It describes a person who can’t solve the problem on his own. If you are lost, you can’t get out of where you are. If you are lost, you can’t find your way out. If you are lost, you need someone on the outside to come and give you the assistance you need to get out of the condition you are in, lost. That is how the Bible describes people who have broken the Ten Commandments. This is how the Bible says God looks upon you and upon me, because we are guilty.