Our Part

Salvation Bible Basics

We have seen what God’s part is in salvation. But what is our part? It is found in the words, He that believeth on the Son.’  Let look at this for a moment.

He — Who is he referring to? It is a universal term. It means any man, any woman, anyone that believes. He doesn’t say what colour your skin has to be. He doesn’t say what religious denomination you have to be. He doesn’t say where you have to live, or where you have to be.

That believeth — The word believe is a word which means to commit, to trust, to have faith. It speaking of a person who understands they are lost and deserve to go to Hell, who doesn’t like the way they are and wants to be different. This person also understands that Jesus Christ died on the cross for their sin. They understand that the only thing God will accept as payment for their sins is the death of Christ. They know that accepting Jesus is their only hope of making Heaven. God has invited all who will believe to trust in His Son. He offers eternal life to all who will come to Him, and He says He will in no wise cast out any who will come to Him.

When a man believes he is saying, ‘Once and for all, I turn my back on my sin. I turn from my idols. I turn away from all my wrong ways. I turn to the Lord Jesus Christ, and for the rest of my days I will order my life based on the fact that I know Jesus Christ is the only way my sins can be made right with God. Jesus Christ died for me in my place.’

This is a belief that comes from real faith, and for the rest of his days that is how he lives. What a different person he becomes! Once he was motivated by greed, by selfishness, by what he wanted in life. But now he is motivated by wanting to please the Lord. He wants to serve Him and love Him the rest of his days. The cost for serving Christ is nothing in comparison to what Christ has done for him.

On the Son — This is the key to it all. Your belief must be on the Son, on Jesus Christ. In order to be saved you must know who Jesus is and what Jesus has done. If you do not understand who He is and what He has done, there will be no salvation for you. If you don’t understand He died on the cross and He is God’s payment, there is no hope. That is where you must start.