Qualified, Part 2

Salvation Bible Basics

Isaiah 7:14 tells us that the Messiah would be born of a virgin. How can a virgin be a virgin and have a baby? It is impossible apart from the intervention of God. It was definitely a miracle of God. That prophecy was fulfilled literally in the life of Mary, for the Bible tells us that she did not know a man sexually until after the birth of Jesus. As you look at all the things that happened in the life of Christ, you have to say, ‘There is no way Jesus could have been just a normal man. Jesus has to be God in the flesh, as He claims to be.’

There are many passages that talk about the death of Christ and how He would die. Isaiah 53:7, 9, and 12 is just one of those passages. When Jesus Christ died on the cross, Isaiah said He would be numbered among the transgressors. The New Testament tells us that there was a thief hanging on either side of Jesus when He was crucified. It happened exactly as the Bible had prophesied. Isaiah also prophesies that He would make His grave with the rich. Where was His tomb? It was a borrowed tomb, but it was the tomb of Joseph of Arimathaea, a very wealthy man.

Isaiah 53:7 says when He died, He was like a lamb led to the slaughter. Lambs go to the slaughter with their mouths closed. They don’t say anything. They are docile and quiet. When Jesus went to the cross of Calvary, He didn’t fight back. He could have called the angels to rescue Him. He didn’t do it. He could have objected because of His illegal trial. But He didn’t do it. He could have kicked up a fuss, but He went quietly to the cross, bearing shame and humiliation.

Not only are there prophecies of the death of Christ, but there also are all the prophecies about the ministry of Christ and about the life of Christ. As we look at all the prophecies and see that they were all fulfilled literally in the life and death of Jesus Christ, we must say that He is indeed the Messiah. He fits all the requirements. He meets all the qualifications. There is no way a mere man could plan all those prophecies to come true. Jesus Christ could fulfill all the prophecies because He was God in the flesh, the Messiah who came into this world to pay for the sins of mankind.