Reconciled to God

Salvation Bible Basics

Notice the other term that God uses twice in Romans 5 — the term reconciled. This is another term that God uses in the Bible to describe those who have a relationship with God. He says they have been reconciled. We find this term used in Colossians 1:21 also. The word reconciled means ‘to bring two parties back together who have been at odds with each other.’

We are enemies of God because we wronged God. God never wronged us; He has never sinned against us or done anything wrong against us. Therefore, God doesn’t have to change. God is not the one that needs to be reconciled. Reconciliation has to happen on our side. We have to be brought back to God.

Reconciliation is not something that we can cause to happen. Reconciliation is something that has to happen from outside of us. It is not something we can bring about on our own. Suppose I broke your window, but then I come and say I’m sorry and want to be reconciled to you, but I can’t afford to pay for the window. You have to be willing to say, “All right, I’ll bear the cost of your wrong in order to have a right relationship with you. I’ll put your wrong in the past, and whatever it costs me, I’ll pay the cost and we will move on from there.”

But our sin against God is far greater than just breaking a window. Our sin debt is so great, it is a cost you and I can never pay on our own. It is a cost that only God could pay and He did that by the death of Jesus Christ.

That is how we are reconciled with God. God loves you so much and desires a relationship with you so much He is willing to forgive your sin and reconcile you to Himself. He is willing to pay the price for your sin through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.