Ten Laws

Salvation Bible Basics

In light of that, let’s ask ourselves, how does God judge us? What are the things that God is concerned about? Turn to Exodus 20, and we are going to see God’s law. The Bible teaches that God is holy. Because of His holiness, God has given us in the Old Testament what is called His law. There are 613 laws in all. The Old Testament law is divided into three kinds. There is the civil law that deals with the nation of Israel and how the nation of Israel was to operate. The civil law was the law that governed their society.

The second category is the ceremonial laws, the laws that talked about the ceremonies that the Jewish people were to go through in offering animals and different sacrifices, different consecrations and offerings to God. The ceremonial law had to do with the daily rituals of the nation of Israel.

Then there were the moral laws. The moral laws talked about how God sees man and how God believes man ought to live, the kind of activities man ought to be involved in, the kind of life man ought to have.

God’s law has never been repealed. Jesus even said in the New Testament, in Matthew 5:17,Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.‘  The law is still in effect. It has never been stopped or stamped out. The law is what God will use to judge your life and my life by. The law still exists and one day, men and women will stand before God, and if they do not know Jesus Christ, that law will judge them. Now God has broken down those 613 laws into ten specific ones that are very important, and those are the ones we are going to look at. These are called the Ten Commandments and are found in Exodus chapter 20.