Where Does Faith Come From?

Salvation Bible Basics

Romans 10:17 – ‘So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.’ God’s way of you and me coming by faith to Jesus Christ, having our sins forgiven, moving from no relationship to a relationship with God, is by first hearing what God has to say.

Remember God does not look on the outward appearance but on the heart. We need to know what God says because we are so filled up with what we think. We already know what everyone else thinks. Besides it isn’t going to matter on Judgment Day what you or I think. We can all vote if we wish but it won’t amount to anything, because ultimately it is what does God say that is going to matter. Faith comes by hearing God’s Word. If God says it is true, then it is true.

Imagine someone born and raised in outer space, where there is no law of gravity. All of a sudden in mid life, they decide to enter for the first time the atmosphere of Earth. Others try to explain to them the law of gravity and how it works, but they don’t believe it because they have never seen anything like that in all their life. They refuse to believe it and declare publicly that they will not operate that way when they get to Earth. But when they get inside the earth’s atmosphere and under the control of the law of gravity, will it make any difference what they believe or what they say? No. As soon as they enter earth’s atmosphere, they are going to be convinced. Immediately they are going to be pinned to their chair. Immediately, when they step out of the space capsule and try to float down 30 feet to the ground, they are going to hit the ground hard and realise it is true. All of a sudden they realise, ‘What I thought was reality before isn’t reality at all.’

One day you are going to stand before God Almighty. You think You have God and eternity and how to get to heaven all figured out. But God says, ‘Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.’ We must follow God’s way. God has given us the laws of eternity in the Word of God. We can either believe God’s law and be prepared for eternity, or we can be ushered into eternity unprepared and suffer the consequences.